1. Why is it so important to deal with a local manufacturer?
A local manufacturer like TUFFA Workwear can offer greater responsiveness and flexibility. This means when you need something urgently, we give you service, not excuses.

2. What does the “Ethical Clothing” label mean?

Ethical Clothing LogoThe ‘Ethical Clothing’ accord is a voluntary code of conduct for manufacturers aimed at protecting home workers from exploitation. Some manufacturers claim to provide “Australian Made” garments, only to have them made in sweatshop conditions for minimal wages.

As a signatory to the ‘Ethical Clothing’ accord, TUFFA Workwear guarantees that all work is undertaken in its OWN facility at Mulgrave under Federal Award conditions and TCFUA approval. Unlike the vast majority of our friendly competitors, we DO NOT use subcontract labour or outsourced manufacturing. Thus, we do not exploit any worker or their rights at any time.

3. What sort of guarantee does TUFFA Workwear offer on its garments?
TUFFA Workwear guarantees all its products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from date of purchase (subject to normal wear and tear).
Check with your current supplier to see if they offer such an unconditional warranty.

4. What sort of minimum quantities do I need to order if I want a ‘unique’ style of garment?
As TUFFA Workwear is a specialised family owned and run business, we have the flexibility to manufacture locally any unique design for an initial production run of only fifty (50) units with no minimum quantities per size.

All orders are despatched approx. four (4) weeks from date of order.

5. How long does my order take to process?
All orders are processed approx. 48 hours of receipt and finished goods will be despatched approx. four (4) weeks. Stock held on our shelves is usually despatched within 48 hours from order receipt.

6. How can we be assured that we receive quality products?
TUFFA Workwear is ISO 9001 accredited which covers design and manufacture. On completion of each garment a thorough quality inspection is undertaken prior to despatch. No garment will leave our premises without this complete quality inspection.

We DO NOT use subcontract or out-sourced labour and are primary signatories to the “Ethical Clothing” accord. Thus, we can guarantee that all products are manufactured under TCFUA guidelines to the highest standards.

7. What fabrics and materials are used?
TUFFA Workwear only uses the highest quality fabrics that meet the Australian standards from all over the world. We manufacture garments using a range of fabrics – Cotton drill, Poly cotton, Poly viscose, Proban, Nomex, Westex, Indura Ultrasoft, just to name a few.

8. What is your pricing policy?
TUFFA Workwear is the most competitively priced Australian manufacturer assuring flexibility and responsiveness with a minimum of overheads. We aim to keep the costs down for the buyer by always sourcing value for money materials and by trying to constantly improve times taken for garments to be manufactured.

9. Tailored Design & Manufacture?
Garments can be tailor made to your organisation’s image. TUFFA can meet all your specifications and requirements in design and manufacturing.

10. How does TUFFA compare to other competing brands?
TUFFA Workwear has an edge on their competitors simply because we have local Manufacturing, which leads to flexibility in our production lead times and minimum buy quantity requirements. Unlike its competitors all TUFFA local garment manufacturing is done in-house, production can be juggled in order to meet the customer’s schedule. Aside from the quality of the garments we produce we believe this is a key point why TUFFA Workwear has so many loyal customers because only TUFFA can guarantee the supply chain..

11. Which industries does TUFFA workwear cater their safety clothing range to?
Most industries have a requirement for safety clothing. As Occupational health and safety (OH&S) for all work sites is so important and safety is the main focus, most industries today have a requirement for hi-visibility and safety workwear that we can cater for. Check out our page on Industry Safety Clothing for examples.

12. Why is it important to have specially designed safety clothing for my industry?
There are certain hazards in all industries. It is important to minimise these hazards wherever possible. We have a range of the garments we produce that are industry specific safety clothing. Please contact us to discuss the industry you are in and we will direct you on which garments would best suit your needs.

13. Does TUFFA manufacture safety clothing certified for Fire Fighters?
Yes, TUFFA has certification to manufacture certified garments for the Fire Fighting industry.

14. Which safety clothes are more suited to the Electrical Industry?
Garments made especially for this industry would have a base fabric in FR with a minimum Cal rating of 8 and have no metal closures. (Please visit our new FR website –

15. Which safety workwear is more suited to Building/Construction Industry?
Generally Cotton Drill garments are used for this industry. The standard Khaki or Navy trouser can be worn with a Hi Vis shirt that meets the AS/NZS 4602.2011.

16. Which workwear are more suited to Food Industry?
The main characteristic of food industry garments is they either have no pockets or internal pockets and the base cloth is poly cotton in most occasions.

17. Does TUFFA manufacture clothes for the Automotive industry?
Yes, TUFFA manufactures standard poly cotton coveralls which can be used in the automotive industry or a more specialised garment such as a racing coverall.